The New Spanish Course made specifically for Parents & Kids!

It’s Fun, Fast & Perfect for the Family!

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 Your child will learn to speak and understand Spanish like a native. 
The Language Adapter is a beginners Spanish course that:
  • Is made for the kids and parents too!
  • Gets you speaking and understanding Spanish like a native FAST!
  • Is fun and easy to follow

Have a look at the course!

The benefits for your child to learn a new language EARLY in life are immeasurable.

In addition to developing a lifelong ability to communicate with more people, kids are more apt to improve their overall school performance and develop superior problem-solving skills.

Students of foreign languages also score statistically higher on standardized tests conducted in English.

Knowing a second language provides a competitive advantage in the workforce by opening up additional job opportunities. Students of foreign languages have access to a greater number of career possibilities and develop a deeper understanding of their own and other cultures. Some evidence also suggests that children who receive second language instruction are more creative and better at solving complex problems.

“This is a very comprehensive course, I really enjoyed it.”
Marguerite Toews


Learning a second language at an early age:

-Has a positive effect on intellectual growth and enriches and enhances a child’s mental development.

-Leaves students with more flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language, and a better ear for listening.

-Improves a child’s understanding of his/her native language.

-Gives a child the ability to communicate with people s/he would otherwise not have the chance to know.

-Opens the door to other cultures and helps a child understand and appreciate people from other countries.

-Gives a student a head start in language requirements for college.

-Increases job opportunities in many careers where knowing another language is a real asset.

Speaking Spanish is a great way to enhance your child’s life, and yours too!  It’s never too late to learn.

Whether you:

  • Want to travel to a Spanish-speaking country and converse with the locals
  • Have Spanish-speaking family, friends and colleagues
  • Enjoy learning something new
  • Have learned Spanish in the past and want to  refresh your memory.



“Excellent Program! I’ve got a new understanding for Spanish and can’t wait to practice in Mexico.”
Manual Kursan

The Language Adapter course was designed by Spanish-speaking language professionals. The course uses the most common words and verbs in the Spanish language, ensuring you get to understand and converse as quickly as possible.

  • You will hear Spanish spoken by real native speakers.
  • You will read and see the Spanish language in its native form.
  • You will write words and phrases for stronger recall.
  • You will recall words out loud for permanent memory retention.


“Thank you for the program! I follow along with my daughter every night, we’re loving it. Great value!”
Robert Matuk

The Entire Course includes:

            • 20 complete Spanish lessons
            • Packed with written and audio exercises
            • List of the 1000 most used verbs and words
            • MP3 so you can learn on the road!

The Language Adapter course is a digital download direct to your computer. No CD’s/DVD’s, no shipping. You will receive a link after your purchase for immediate access to the program.

Change your Child’s Life Forever!
The entire course is only $19.99!

 A full Spanish Course which includes 20 complete with both written and audio exercises, MP3’s  in each lesson  and an immense list of the most used Spanish words and verbs!
The Language Adapter - Spanish Course